Can I Restore My Grout Color With Grout Paint?

Before and after color restoration sealer

Use Grout Paint To Easily Restore or Change Your Grout Color!

Discolored grout can turn your once-beautiful floors into an eyesore. This can easily happen if the grout lines were not sealed after the tile was installed or if the sealer on the grout was not properly maintained. Grout Kleen’s exclusive color restoration sealer¬†(aka. color sealer, grout paint, etc)¬†will protect your newly installed or restored grout from staining. The product is sometimes referred to as grout paint and some people refer to the process as “painting the grout” but it is much more than that. The color restoration sealer fills in the microscopic pores of the grout leaving a watertight, stain-resistant, durable layer of protection on the grout. The color sealer not only penetrates the grout, but also coats it, providing superior protection against staining and soiling, while retaining the rough texture and appearance of your original grout. The color restoration sealer also allows use to completely change the color of your grout without the messy, dusty removal. It can make even the dirtiest grout look as new as the day it was installed.

For grout that is protected with our color sealer, you won’t have to worry about dirt and spills staining the grout because they are unable to penetrate the surface and can easily be wiped away. Even spills left to dry on the color sealer are easily removed during your daily/weekly mopping. Don’t take that to mean that color sealed grout is self-cleaning. While dirt and spills are not able to penetrate the color sealed grout, they can build up on the surface and make the grout appear dirty. Homeowners need to care for and maintain their sealed grout for the product to work properly. When cleaning your color sealed grout, you will need to stay away from cleaners containing ammonia, bleach and vinegar. These cleaners are acidic and will strip off any type of sealer currently on your grout and/or granite countertops, stone floors, etc. The recommended cleaner for sealer grout is a Neutral pH Cleaner which can be found in many big box stores as well as online at

Our process is safe, odorless and usually takes 1 day to complete. Floors can be walked immediately after we are finished. When maintained properly using a Neutral Tile and Grout Cleaning and combined with Grout Kleen’s Maintenance Cleaning Plan (every 1 or 2 years), the color restoration sealer can last the lifetime of the floor.

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