Holiday Cleaning – 3 Areas To Focus On Before Guests Arrive

Clean your tile before holiday trafficWith all of the planning, baking, shopping, and cleaning you are doing for the holidays, having your tile floors and walls cleaned may seem like just one more thing you would rather not have to worry about. However, getting your tile and grout cleaned now in preparation for the holidays can do more than simply make your home look more presentable to guests.

Here are three tiled areas you will want to make sure are professionally cleaned and sealed before the holidays:


1. Kitchen: With more traffic in your home this season, the chance of spills increases dramatically. Unprotected grout on your kitchen floor will absorb all spills leaving you with stained grout. Having your tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed with our color restoration sealer will allow you to enjoy time with family and friends and not follow behind guests with a mop and bucket.

2. Guest Bathroom Showers: If you plan to have out-of-town family and friends stay with you for the holidays, you will want to make sure your shower/tub is looking it’s best. Not only clean grout but also new caulk. Nobody wants to clean their body in a dirty, moldy shower. Whether the shower just needs a cleaning & sealing for sanitary purposes or a full shower regrout, we can help.

3. Bathroom Floors: With all the family and friends coming over for the holidays, they will need to use a bathroom. Most of the time, guests will use the most over-looked forgotten about bathroom, the powder room. Be sure when you are having your grout cleaned in your home by a professional, you include this most important room.

Regular cleaning is an important step in maintaining your grout after a professional cleaning and a sealer has been applied. If you are planning on entertaining this holiday season, it is a good idea to schedule your cleaning service before the holidays. One less thing to worry about. Give us a call or email us for a free estimate.

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